Hello World!

So this site is live now and so is mikeambro.com, kind of. It has been a number of years since I've redesigned thought about had time to work on my website. I've had the site set up on a new host in various states of limbo while I tried new platforms and tools.

What was.

My old site ran on Wordpress, which honestly just feels like a bloated mess anymore. Maybe it's years of not working with Wordpress talking or maybe I've just become accustomed to leaner, more developer friendly tools. Whatever the case may be the site design and content were outdated and really, it was kind of embarrassing. I mean, I do this web design/development thing for a living and I was feeling like I needed a disclaimer on my site that said, "No really, I just haven't had time to fix this mess".

What is.

Right now I've got this lovely Ghost blog, which I've called Once Upon an Ipsum. As someone who is terrible at naming things, which we all know is crucial, I'm really proud of that one.

I've got mikeambro.com running on October CMS now. I played around with it for a while in beta and really enjoyed it. October does offer a blog plugin built by the developer, but I wanted to separate out the blog and the primary CMS, which conveniently gave me an excuse to set up Ghost.

What will be.

I've got some plans, it might take a while to get everything where I want it in what free time I have, but at least I'm moving in the right direction now rather than just sitting on that old Wordpress site. While I'm working on a theme for October and building out content that site will stay on an under construction message. I'll try to post articles and talk about some of the development here, admittedly though, I have a bad track record of sticking to any kind of regular updates.

This Ghost blog might get it's own theme, I'm not sure. I don't have any set plans for it yet. I do quite like the base Casper theme as well, so the jury is out on that for now.